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karen adams

2018-10-31 16:44:25 | Profile
Nessuno come lei... Riesce a rendere pezzi molto belli MIRACOLOSI.

david edelman

2018-06-27 23:50:08 | Profile
She has a wonderfull voice keep it up god bless you


2018-06-27 17:37:00 | Profile
What a beautiful and fantastic voice! The audience in the beginning was so damn ignorant. Judging someone just because of the way they look. So stupid.

D Twist

2018-06-26 05:32:27 | Profile
She fills me with hope and inspiration and reveals the soaring love and beauty of the soul and music. I am forever deeply moved by this performance.

Raúl XD

2018-06-10 02:54:35 | Profile
She judge a book by its cover shame on her

Garrytte Davis

2018-06-07 06:04:10 | Profile
I watch this evertime Im feelng down and you Susan Boyle empower me.God Bless you...

Jocelyn Som

2018-06-04 04:00:23 | Profile
Best video she is beautiful.